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Places to Visit With a Taxi in Cyprus

places to visit in cyprus with a taxi

There are several places to visit in Cyprus that are bursting with history. The island is filled with scattered archaeological sites that offer an insight into its fascinating past. One of the best places to learn about Cyprus’s history is the Cyprus Museum in the capital city of Nicosia. It is well-curated and will take you through Cyprus’s history, including artefacts from every era. Another interesting place to visit is Limassol Castle, which is in the heart of Limassol. The castle was rebuilt in 1590 during Ottoman rule. Here is a list of many other places to visit with a taxi in Cyprus. If you are visiting Cyprus and you are interested in going to any of the following destinations with a taxi, make sure to book your pick-up at Larnaca Airport Taxi.


Larnaca, the third largest city in Cyprus, is a popular destination for tourists. With beautiful beaches, medieval castles, and lively nightlife, Larnaca has a lot to offer visitors. Explore its fascinating history and attractions and enjoy the many things to do.

The city is also home to the Old Turkish Quarter, which is known as Skala. You can find the Djami Kebir Mosque on your way to the old part of town. The streets in this area are generally one-storey and lined with more greenery.


Pegeia is a small town that’s located on the cliffs overlooking the bay of Coral. The town’s name is derived from the Latin word Baia, meaning “bay.” In antiquity, the bay served as a natural safe harbour for Egyptian cargo ships. During the Venetian Domination of Cyprus, the village was settled by merchant sailors.

Visitors can enjoy the scenery at sunset by walking along the harbour area. There are also the tombs of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paphos is also known for its picturesque beaches and is an amazing holiday destination during the summer months of the year.


If you’re thinking about going to Cyprus, you might want to consider visiting Omodos, a village in the Troodos Mountains. This village is about 80 km from the capital, Nicosia, and is known for producing lots of wine. In fact, the town even holds an annual wine festival in August.

While visiting Omodos, you can also enjoy the city’s many interesting sites, including its cobbled village, wine press, and local wineries. You can also check out the monastery of Stavros, which boasts impressive woodcarvings and old icons. The museum of Omodos and a nearby centre for the preservation of narrow-knit lacing are also worth a visit.

Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings are an enormous necropolis in Cyprus, located two kilometres north of the Paphos harbour. In 1980, the site was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of several sites in Cyprus that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tombs have been known for centuries, but only recently have they been extensively excavated. At the end of the 19th century, the Tombs of the Kings were the site of systematic excavations by Dr. Sophocles Hadjisavvas, the former director of the Republic of Cyprus’ antiquities department. During these digs, he broke every rule of archaeological excavation and sold the archaeological finds without sharing or tagging them. The result was a loss of a great deal of archaeological heritage in the area, and many buried remains were damaged.

Blue Lagoon

One of the places to visit in Cyprus is the Blue Lagoon, an oasis of tranquillity with lush greenery. The area is famous for its beaches and is the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. You can visit her bathing place, the Baths of Aphrodite, where she supposedly met her beloved Adonis. The Baths are located near the Blue Lagoon.

Despite its remoteness, the Blue Lagoon is an excellent place to take a swim or to take a dip. Another place to visit in Cyprus is the Caledonia Falls, which is a spectacular waterfall in Platres.